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- brand identity -

Marta Soto is a perinatal and family psychologist based in Prague, Czech Republic. She wanted a brand identity and website for her personal practice that would reflect calmness and strength at the same time.

leave card2.jpg

We used a very clean color palette of greens and dark purples along with mostly white backgrounds and airy imagery to bring that feeling of calmness and joy.


The logo consists of a circular icon that represents "new cycles" in life and is inspired by the moon as the client requested.

The icon is accompanied by the word-mark "MARTA SOTO" in capitals to bring a sense of boldness and strength to the logo. this word-mark is then contrasted by a soft, handwritten tagline reading "perinatal psychology" to bring a balance to the logo.

Marta Soto Proposals-01.png

Disclaimer: the final visual identity we did for marta soto went through various changes, due to the client's requests. The showcased above is one of the first variations of the identity.

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