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- rebranding, website, and social media -

Language Atelier is an established language school in the heart of Prague, with more than a decade of providing personalized and effective classes.

As Méndez Co. we updated their visual identity making it more contemporary and eye-catching as well as re-designing their website from scratch while maintaining their SEO ranking and even improving it.

We currently manage Language Atelier's social media content and interactions as well as their Facebook Ads campaigns.

See their updated website here.

Check out their Instagram managed by us here!


the client requested for us to upgrade their logo while maintaining its recognition since the school has been operating for more than a decade. we kept the script font style of the original logo but stylized the LA to make the logo more legible. 

language atelier1.png

apart from the logo we also made  language atelier's visual identity more eye-catching and modern. the only client requirement: it had to use the color blue.

we added the accent color yellow and flowy lines taken from the font used in the logo to make the brand stand out below is the before and after of one of LA"s promotional flyers.

flyer 16.9 transparent.png

we also redesigned LA's website without taking their previous one offline.

we also did SEO optimization for the website,

check out the results here


and finally, but not least

we run the instagram content creation, social media marketing strategy, facebook ads campaign and much more for language atelier.

we truly are their creative partners and love being it!

we created an effective social media strategy which includes story quizzes, reels, daily interaction, promotional posts, people posts and so much more.

all to reach our client's goals!

sm 16.9.png

looking for a creative partner?

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