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i realized it's hard to explain to others

everything that i'm passionate about

so here is a run down:

Creative Direction

- from a thought to the final product -

i love collaborative projects and mostly when i get to bring ideas to the table and see them be morphed by others' input

visual identities - personal brands - campaigns - you name it 

anchor and soar design

Anchor & Soar

A personal brand directed by me and designed by @yasbrained

facing change design

Facing Change

A Prague City University campaign about facing the challenges of society


A flower boutique visual identity directed by me and designed by @andiegraphics

while studying my BA in graphic design i started my creative studio where I lead an awesome team of people

check out my CV here

check out our portfolio here

email for a quote!

Creative Direction

Acting & Voiceover

- camera, lights, action -

trained in the meisner technique, i have experience with commercials, short films, and tv shows along with voiceover work for infomercials & educative videos

to hear snippets of my voiceover work check out my voquent profile

for a full demo contact me at

for bookings please contact my representatives directly

Acting & Voiceover


- behind the camera work - 

as much as i love being in front of the camera, i also love being behind it. I have independently produced various shorts films and my studio and I have produced various photoshoots for our clients as well

Red Relief

Written by @andrewvanwilpe

Coming Autumn 2022

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 18.36.11.png

Not Just a Sister

Written, directed, and produced by myself - Coming Soon


Royal Secret

Photoshoot in Prague for a Munich-based hair salon


1 of 1 Bazaar

Photoshoot in Prague for Brazil-based vintage store


Motion Graphics

- after effects is my passion -

i started working in motion graphics back in 2019 and since then i have fallen in love with 2D animation. most of the work i've done is under a super-duper-secret contract so i can only show it to you if you ask nicely by email :D but here is an idea:

i'd be super happy to assist you on your motion graphic videos

just a drop a message at

Motion Graphics


- wisdom collective -

i recently started a jesus-centered podcast called wisdom collective. i have 15-20 minute conversations with my friends (or by myself) about different topics in regards to faith, religion, and christianity.

I also make the visuals for the podcast's instagram in my free time and I'm loving how the grid is turning out! Check it here :)


And there's more

i'm just too tired to write it :D

based in: prague, czech republic




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